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Top 10 Sayings/Trends That Will Mark You as Cheugy (and why you shouldn’t care!)

For a definition of Cheugy, ask the Googs or scroll all the way to the bottom of this post.

I try not to dip my toe in the waters of generation names, simply because it makes me feel icky and, well, old. For the longest time, all I really knew was that there was a generation called the Baby Boomers. But, these days, there’s an X, a Y (more commonly known as a Millennial) and a Z. Which all sounds like chromosomal alphabet soup to me, TBH (see what I did there?).

I am on the cusp of Gen X but in my mind, I definitely “fit” there. I wore flannel with knock off Doc Martens and slip dresses with too-high flip flops; I practically bathed in CK One and grunge was a meaning for living; Ross and Rachel helped me believe true love was out there; and I definitely rode my bike with my walk-man strapped on my belt loop. And don’t get me started on midriffs and box hair dye – although I feel like those “mistakes” are generationally universal.

At any rate, what I have to say will probably leave a lot of my generation and older feeling a little too “seen” and definitely uncool. Sorry about that.

Without further ado, here’s a Top 10 list of sayings and habits that have become obsolete though, if you’re like me, you just caught on and they are a part of your vernacular or every day life. Also, if you’re like me, you simply don’t care and will continue to talk and dress as you please. Nevertheless, it’s always better to be informed?

1. “So I did a thing”: Used to make an announcement about a purchase, an accomplishment, whatever. Some Gen Z’ers find the use of this phrase cringy. Meanwhile, I am just over here thinking, why didn’t I use this phrase more often before it became cheugy. I still want to do the things that make me feel like I have to say, “So I did a thing”.

2. Skinny Jeans: It took me YEARS to adopt this wardrobe staple and now that I have, you can’t have it back. Thankfully, I have kept most of my boot-cut, low-rise jeans but, get this…I wear them WITH BOOTS. I can find no way to successfully don my chucks with boot cut jeans or high-waisted mom jeans and I will be dead and buried before you find me in mom jeans anyway, mark my words!

OG Mom Jean Gangsters

3. Laughing emoji 😂: Look, I will never stop using this. It will ALWAYS be in my top five emojis but I’ve been told it’s obsolete. I don’t know how or why this happened and while I will not stop using it, I find it does cross my mind when I’m texting or posting or whatever. I occasionally throw in the little off-kilter smiling emoji 😂🤣😂 in the string of laughing emojis, simply to pay homage to trends and protect my dwindling cool. But I know that’s a lost cause.

4. “Adulting“: Guilty as charged. I don’t say this often but when I do, it’s with gusto. To be clear, I have been adulting since before Gen Z’ers were born so I should have an advanced degree in the word by now and not use it as if it’s a new phenomenon in life. But…shoulder shrug. Also, bonus points if you have the word adulting on a coffee mug and you believe Starbucks is life.

Buy it here if you must

5. “Doggo“: I have actually never uttered this word out loud to my knowledge but I’m pissed that something so cute could already be out of fashion.

6. Side parts: Apparently, side parts are a no – in favor of the classically unflattering (for most) “butt-cut”. Whatever. This falls squarely in the “how dare you act like you invented this trend” department. I can remember wearing my mom’s faux fir trimmed suede 70s coat and parting my hair down the middle in high school and college. Did you hear me there? Faux fir-trimmed suede 70s coat! Middle parts have been a thing since Ted Bundy went on his murder spree and way before you listened to the 50th murder podcast about him so …stuff it.

In case you thought I was joking about Ted Bundy’s “type”

7. Cursive writing: What?!?! I said…WHAT?!?! I learned the other day that they’re not teaching cursive in school anymore and that some kiddos can’t even read it. I have long adopted the mixed cursive/print technique because, when my hand gets tired it’s nigh impossible to read my cursive. I get it, to a degree. I mean, why did we use cursive to begin with? Maybe because it’s faster? But not teaching it at all is just nuts to me. It’s not like the founding fathers wrote the constitution in block letters. In fact, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Magna Carta – all in cursive. Digital technology has had us pulling away from “archaic” habits like cursive. I mean why write something in longhand when you can just type it out? Still…it seems…odd that they’re getting rid of it altogether.

8. “I was today years old”: Or, if you’re too lazy, IWTYO. Use this one when you discover things like #7. “I was today years old” when I found out cursive is no longer a thing. That’s a BOGO for you (elements of #1 and #8 combined) – you’re welcome.

9. #Girlboss: I am actually ok with this one going the way of the Dodo bird. Let’s just call her a boss, shall we? Thanks.

10. Binge watching Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, or The Office: ‘scuse me?? Come again? You can have cursive writing but don’t you dare take away my “stories”. Punk.

There are many more but I stopped counting and started watching the Gen X and Millenials battle it out with the Gen Z’s on TikTok. It’s more fun to watch from afar than to actually give a rip. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this post is meant all in fun. In truth, I believe the best trend you can jump on board with is knowing yourself. Knowing your style and what makes you comfortable or happy. If you’re late to the party, that’s ok – it’s still a party right?

I have been confidently wearing the same uniform for over a decade. My go-to is jeans and a tank top. It makes me feel happy and … myself. I have closets full of clothes and yet, I am drawn to the same pair of jeans and the same style of tank to day after day. I watch Grey’s Anatomy or sometimes Friends when I need something going in the background – even though I’ve seen all the episodes who knows how many times. It makes me feel at peace – like I’m wrapped up in a baby blanket. Sometimes we need the familiar to distract us from every day stressors.

My dog will always be my puppy and will take up most of the space on my camera roll and let’s be real honest, coffee IS life – and you really won’t talk me off that ledge.

I have kept a lot of clothes that others would toss as decades pass and that makes me happy when trends make a comeback. But, I have worn those same clothes (see suede coat lined with faux fur) even when I probably looked ridiculous to some. In a world where jumping on the bandwagon will give you whiplash, it brings me peace of mind to know that I largely do what I want and you should too.

If you like mom jeans because skinny jeans were getting on your last damn nerve, I can understand that. If you “did a thing” and side-parted your hair because that makes you feel fetch, you do you. Same for the middle part. Who cares? Not me. I think you look great just the way you are and in any way that makes you smile.

But, because I promised, here is cheugy, defined. It’s not a real word though people so take this for what it’s worth which is, essentially, nada: Cheugy – “The opposite of trendy. Sylish in middle school and high school but no longer in style. Used when someone still follows these out of date trends. This may include but not be limited to fashion, habits on social media, usage of slang, etc.”

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  1. I can proudly say that I am a card carrying member of the Baby Boomer generation. It is
    I am proud to report being a card carrying member of the baby boomer generation. It says right there on the membership card that I don’t have to give a f—- what anybody thinks of me and I comply with the rules. I still call Capri pants “pedal pushers.” I still say “cool” and “rightous” and you are the bees knees.” I still own the suede jacket with sleeve fringe my parents bought me when I was 12. I heard it came back into style a couple seasons ago but I missed it. Maybe the next time around. I was the queen of hip hugger bell bottom pants in my day and I still would be if they all had not shrunk. If you don’t like it come on over. We’ll mix it up. Come on, make my day.

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