“Be happy out there baby girl.”

As he lay there, slipping from this world, dad turned to me, and with all the wisdom of his years and hope for my future said, “Be happy out there baby girl.” It occurred to me that he wasn’t referring to my most recent move. He was telling me, no matter what – find peace, seek joy and whatever the cost, be happy. In what would be our last real conversation, he delivered a gift that I hope to share with you. The gift of absolute certainty that we all deserve to be happy.

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Do I really need an about me here when there’s an about me up there? I dunno but I am not really technically capable of removing this so. Let’s see. I’m a work in progress. I like the smell of puppy breath and the luxury of taking a nap in a cold dark room after a day at the lake or pool. I argue quickly but forgive even faster. I have some things to share with you people if you’ve got the time. Maybe we’ll both learn a few things along the way.

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  1. I read the “About” section and saw that you begain with a Bukowski quote. Anybody who includes Bukowski (in any form or way) on their blog automatically gets my attention and respect.

    1. Another Bukowski fan? Love it! I have loved Bukowski since college. So gritty and honest, can’t be beat. I actually managed to score a signed version of “Women” in Vegas at a rare book store a few years back. One of the only things I can actually say I appreciate about Vegas. Thanks for the comment and sorry it took me so long to get back – it disappeared in my spam folder there for a bit.

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