I’ve carried that quote around with me for 20 years. Take that as you will. I am sure it can be interpreted in a million different ways (the quote and me, quite frankly). To me, it means I’ve been given several thousand chances to learn and grow from my chaotic and sometimes tumultuous life and while I might not always choose the particular brand of crazy I’m dealt, without those experiences, I would not be who I am today.

I had a blog once – it still remains out there in the wide world of the Internet. It was about simple pleasures and included, literally, everything but the kitchen sink. It was a fantastic outlet for me at the time and a few weeks ago, when I decided to get back into blogging and writing, I started there. But then I realized sometimes a fresh start is the best start and while I suspect little girl found will also be a mish-mash of daily meanderings, funny stories, food, reviews, movies, podcasts, books, and rants – I have something more to share with the world this time around.

As the name implies, I was lost but now I’m….you get the picture. In a lot of ways, I am still searching for my purpose but it’s time now to share with my tribe how I’ve grown in the last several years and what I’ve learned. Because honey, sweetie, sugar-pie – it’s been a helluva a ride so far and God willing, I’m only half way through. I don’t want to squander this gift I’ve been given of renewed purpose and restored self. I’m hear to tell you what worked for me, what I’ve seen work for others, and where I absolutely, positively missed the boat.

But occasionally, I may take a break to talk about Val Kilmer’s elbow. There’s just no telling….

I’m glad you’re here.

I’m glad I’m here.

Let’s stay a while, shall we?

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