Top 10 Izzy Sploots (so far)

Listen y’all, it’s been a crazy week. It’s Friday. I need a little levity. So, for now, no deep thoughts, no diatribes about death and exotic dancers, no advice, no wisdom, no helpful commentary on how to be a better person. What we…what I need right now? I need sploots. And if you don’t know what sploots are, well, you do now. Also, if you have a dog and your smart phone photos are not completely dominated by similar pictures, I am not sure you really have a dog…or a heart. But anyway, in no particular order and in no way indicative of the sheer magnitude of pictures of this dog on my phone – here are the Top 10 photos of Izzy in her famous sploot. Enjoy!

#1 The Spring Sploot

#2 The Summer Sploot

#3 The Winter Sploot

#4 The Pensive Sploot

#5 The I’ve Had too Much Corona Sploot

#6 The Stop Obsessively Taking Pictures of Me Sploot

#7 The Model Sploot

#8 The When is Dad Getting Home From Work Sploot

#9 The You Can’t See Me Sploot

#10 The I make this Sploot look good…Sploot

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  1. Comment #1 I like the Had too much Corona sploot
    Comment #2 Izzy loves to frogs dog a lot
    Comment #3 My Kindle refuses to believe that sploot is a word.

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