Look Ma! No Boundaries!

Nothing says, “Go start a YouTube Channel,” like having 48 followers on your blog! Am I right? I mean, I might as well take another gut punch right to my confidence and bear my soul EVEN MORE PUBLICLY just so I can spend hours putting together content only to obsessively refresh my various accounts to watch the “vanity metrics” go nowhere. It’s not like I have rent to pay or tiny dog mouth to feed.

Here’s the why behind the YouTube version of Little Girl Found.

I sat in on a “master’s class” the other day. Master’s Class requires quotes in this instance because it was not an actual Master’s Class but that’s what they called it so here we are. The topic was basically how to put out profitable content and, let me be clear here, I am not at the point where I want to monetize this blog though I have wondered what a “little girl found” hat might look like. Damn cute, I think. I took this class (which was basically a sales pitch) because I wanted to explore how to reach more people. How to find that perfect niche of folks that I can help or who can at least tolerate listening to me wax poetic about what I have learned thus far in my crazy life.

The founder of the company that held the Master’s Class is a YouTube phenomenon. She really is. And I don’t want to share her name because this is probably not what they’d classify as a stellar review of their product/service. Their product, in this case, was essentially how to create an online course that people would shell out substantial amounts of money for. It really was an amazing pitch. They made us all feel lucky if we were “chosen” to participate in an initial intake call – at which time they’d reveal the price for their, um, service.

So, I took the bait.


And look, at another time and place in my life, I might have actually considered it. But today, it’s a no. Nope. Negatory.

I decided to take the reins myself. I had already created a YouTube account – I just wasn’t sure (and am still not) how I was going to use it. And then I got to thinking about fear and how it keeps us from doing just about everything we’re meant to do. Many years ago I started a book and it was about living outside your comfort zone. I’ll postpone sharing the title because, who knows, I may finish it one day and I don’t want some random person stealing my idea. I may be dumb but I ain’t stupid.

Anyway, … (Ha! check out my second YouTube video for a fun and humiliating self-realization regarding the number of times I use anyway. Apparently, I do it in writing as well. Go figure.)

ANYWAY, as I thought about fear and stepping out of your comfort zone, it occurred to me that, as usual, who am I to try and tell people to live beyond fear if I can’t even put a silly YouTube video out.

So I did. Two of ’em. And I just published them to, you know, the world.

I shared them with mom, my niece, and my husband first (before I went “public”). They, of course, said they loved them…because they love me. But now they’re out there and will probably be seen by even less people than this blog. But that’s ok because it’s a start and the first step at overcoming fear is, well, taking the first step.

Maybe this is more like a tip toe but it feels like the start of something really great.

Plus, I just saved $6,000 bucks! So, there’s that….

No pressure but it would keep me from going into a deep depression if you’d go to my channel and maybe hit like or subscribe.

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  1. Love it! Literally lol several times. And I’ve subscribed. So I’m looking forward to more “anyways” 😊 & insight!! Much love to you!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Your words have impact beyond what you likely expect. Plus, ad always, your wife is so much fun! Miss you!

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