A Tribe called YES!

It’s Women’s History Month y’all! And yesterday was International Women’s Day, as I’m sure a lot of you are already aware. I was busy posting female empowerment content for work, combatting mansplaining/manterupting, and attempting to remain upbeat in the face of some irritating challenges so I didn’t get the opportunity to post here – which is what I would have preferred to spend my time on.

But I’m here now and let me tell you, I have some energy to share!

Actually, I’m exhausted and a little overwhlemed with an increasingly complex to do list BUT, in spite of all that, the thought of lifting up my fellow females gives me enough of a jolt that I may only need three cups of coffee this morning.

Ladies….LADIES – now is your time! Should every day be women’s day? Absolutely? But should we take this time, this month, to celebrate our tribe and raise our voices (and our hands) with more zeal than typical? Um…also yes! Maybe we could even make it a habit that sticks, eh?

Yesterday I got into a debate about what to post on behalf of our company for International Women’s Day. I was excited about a photo that I had found (below) and really wanted to include it. My colleague, a fantastic woman and friend, had her own ideas. Ultimately, my niece had the winning vote. I did not get my way. But you know what didn’t happen? We didn’t get bitter or hurt or hold grudges about any of the time “wasted” by debating our work products. We just marched forward. But, for the record, I can post that photo now so, in a way, I still win! Bahahahahahaha

Later, some frustrations set in (see reference to mansplaining/manterupting above). My colleague had a meltdown at the dentist’s office and I had to take the dog for a walk so I wouldn’t say something in anger to said mansplainer that I’d later regret. I then vented to my husband who, thank goodness, DID NOT mansplain OR interrupt, bless him. This is just a snapshot in my particular life on a particular day. A regular occurrence that, on this occasion, happened to fall on International Women’s Day. But as I reflect over the day – what went right, what went wrong – I see something very clearly. We overcame….together. We both felt passionate about the message we wanted to send on this very important day and supported each other through the process. Was it perfect? No. But did we need each other to get to the other side? 100%

And that’s the take away for me. On this day and every day, I need my tribe. I need the ladies in my life to just, well, help me survive. From the big to the small moments, these women make it all better…and worth doing. I have a pun tribe, a faith tribe, a wine tribe, a dog tribe, a workout tribe, a lets-just-wear-sweatpants-and-watch-baking-shows-tribe, a country music tribe, true-crime tribe, a writing tribe, a volunteer tribe, a meme tribe – and the list goes on and on. While we may not be “active” in every tribe all the time, we know they’re there and having that powerful presence in your life? Well, I highly recommend it. Tribes can be formed in the unlikeliest of places so you have to be ready to identify the magic when it’s happening.

I am grateful. So grateful. For all of the positive influences I have in my life and my ability and gift to occasionally be that positive influence in someone else’s life.

Alexa tells me today is International Meatball Day – oh how the mighty have fallen! Thank goodness we have the whole rest of the month to celebrate each other, eh? So, take some time and do that with the 22 days you have left…and then keep doing it for the rest of the year …and your life. You never know who might have needed you in their tribe all along. Go find each other y’all – we are so much better when we don’t have to bear the weight of the world on our own! And I guess, if you gotta have a meatball today…have a meatball. 😉

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  1. You also have an “older women who love you” tribe consisting of at least two people – me and your mom. I believe there are more. Watching you grow up was fun (not sure about the teenager part) but watching you turn Into a wise, wonderful woman is fabulous. Keep up the good work

    1. I am so glad it’s not possible for me to be outside looking in on teenage me! Gasp! Well I appreciate your support and your patience to wait until I was all grown up!!!

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